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    Business area



    Bonded storage


    Our company is the largest bonded warehouse operation enterprise in Jiaxing Free Trade Zone. Now, 10000 square meters of high standard warehouses are available, and 120000 square meters of double-layer high standard warehouses are under construction, among which 40000 square meters of warehouses are belong to Class C(according to the?classification of fire hazards), which will be put into use in November, 2021.By the end of 2021, our warehouse resource reserve is going to exceed 220000 square meters with professional handling equipment and team.


    Container Yard


    Our Hangzhou Bay Yard is the largest container yard in Jiaxing Port Area. It is located at the intersection of Dongfang Road and Binhai Road in Jiaxing Port District, with a total investment of about 170 million yuan and an area of 115.4 mu(1 mu equals 666.67 square meters). The maximum static storage capacity of containers is 9264TEU, with two self-owned professional stackers, one reach stacker with capacity of 45 tons, 2880 square meters of high platform Class C warehouse, and 1,000 square meters of yard specially for food inspection. It can provide container storage, circulation, maintenance, cleaning, warehousing, and unpacking services. It is currently a comprehensive public yard with the largest scale, the best service and the most complete supporting facilities in the Jiaxing Port Area. Currently,the main businesses include empty container retrieval and return business, freight forwarding business, packing and unpacking business of coiled steel, and warehouse leasing business for bulk cargo storage.


    Customs Clearance Agent


    Our company has the most professional customs clearance service team in Jiaxing Free Trade Zone. We mainly provide one-stop customs clearance services such as import and export declaration, declaration for inspection and quarantine. We also provide services, like manual for processing trade filing, write-off procedures, customs consultation, commodity code (HS) pre-classification, application for form free of import equipment and other approval procedures.


    "One-Day Trip" business


    Our company is located in Jiaxing Free Trade Zone. Due to the special functions of the bonded zone and the "tax rebate" policy, we can solve the problems such as complicated transfer procedures for deep processing trade and no tax refund for the value-added parts of deep processing, to help our customers largely save costs and enhance the price competitiveness of their products.


    Reight Forwarding Business


    Our company specializes in international transportation agency services such as sea, air, and land transportation for import and export businesses. We provide all-round logistics service system and logistic supply chain solutions, include cargo collection, booking cargo space, warehousing, transit shipment, multimodal transport, container consolidation and unpacking services, customs declaration, inspection declaration, insurance and consulting and so on.


    International trade business and export tax rebate function


    At present, our company has carried out the import trade of importing wool, alcohol and other bulk commodities. We agent for import and export business, and provide export tax rebate services.


    Standard workshop buildings


    As an important platform and carrier for the regional projects, our company has 6 standard workshop buildings, with a total area of more than 35000 square meters. And they all have complete supporting facilities, water, electricity, roads, drainage, natural gas and other facilities, meeting the requirements for all kinds of enterprises.

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